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 We are not Just a Virtual Shop.  We have a Real Shop in Oakleigh, VIC, With Real Stock, Real Quality, and Real People. We Have Been in the Outdoor Heating Business for Sixteen Years!!. You can rely on us because you can always see, feel and touch products in our own showroom, we also hold stock, enabling you to take your purchase home with you with no wait time. We also Ship Nationwide.

Purchase with Confidence & Deal with Australia's oldest and most experienced outdoor heating and lifestyle experts.

January & February 2016 Trading Hours : Throughout Jan & Feb Our Showroom in Oakleigh will open 6 days a week.Being Sunday, Mon & Tues 11am - 3pm & Thursday , Fridays & Saturdays 10am - 4pm .  Closed on Wednesdays . The online store is open 24/7 and orders will be dispatched as usual  .

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Fire Pits Australia - Designer Cast Iron Firepits - Pre Xmas Sale Now On !!!

We offer a large range of quality wood burning fire pits. All our outdoor or patio Firepits are multi functional bowls - use them as a fire pit in the cooler months and in the warmer months convert it to a herb garden, water feature or ice bucket for summer parties. 

We recommend burning good hardwood, charcoal or Heat Beads® in your fire pit.

Alternatively you can purchase an ethanol burner insert creating a completely clean burning firepit. The majority of our firepits are heavy duty cast iron that will last for many many years.  Don't be fooled by similar looking, cheap light weight, flimsy thin mild steel options which will warp & rust out within months from big hardware stores .



Option 1-  (below)

African Cast Iron (Deep Bowl) & Stand

70cm Diam  $395 $350
80cm Diam  $495 $450

100cm Diam $650 $595

120cm Diam  $995 $950

Buy African Cast Iron Bowl & base Online now!

Option 2 - (below)

Indian Iron Bowl & Stand

60cm Diam $395 $295 
80cm Diam $495 $395


Buy Indian Iron Bowl & base Online now!

Free Standing Cast Iron Fire Pit with wrought iron base
Free Standing Cast Iron Fire Pit with wrought iron base - 3 sizes.
Indian Style Fire Pit & Base
Indian Style Iron Fire Pit Bowl with Base.

Option 3- (below)
  Shallow Wok Style Cast Iron Fire Pit & Ring

3 sizes - 78cm , 100cm & 150cm

Cubes & Stands are Optional & can be Customised
78cm Shallow cast iron Bowl $395 $350

100cm Shallow cast iron Bowl $595 $495

150cm Shallow Cast iron $1,695 $1,595

(Image below is a 100cm Shallow cast iron Bowl

on Metal Ring45cm x 20cm Ring)


Buy Wok Style Cast Iron Fire Pit & Cube Online now!

Option 4 - (below)

Deep Cast Iron Bowl & Cube
(similar to Option 3 - Deeper bowls)

Iron Cubes are optional & can be Customised

70cm Diam  Bowl $395 $350

80cm Diam  Bowl $495 $450

100cm Diam  bowl $650 $595

120cm Diam  Bowl $995

Large Cube  W50 x H50cm $395 $350

Small  Cube 35 x 35 x 35 cm $295 $250

Buy Deep Cast Iron Fire Bowl & Cube Online now!

Wok Style Cast Iron Fire Pit and Cube
Wok Style Cast Iron Fire Pit & Cube
Cast Iron Woks
Deep Cast Iron Bowl & Base

Option 5: (below)

Shallow Wok Style Bowl & Base
Fire Pit base only - 45H X 45 X 55 cm
Fire Pit Bowl - 100 Diam 
Price: $1,250 $895
Buy Wok Style Firepit & Base Online now!

Option 6: (below)

Shallow Wok Style Bowl  - Base & Rails
Dimensions: 130 D Diam
Price: $1,595 $1,495
Buy Wok Style Fire Pit - Base & Rails Online now!

Free Standing Cast Iron Fire Pit with wrought iron base
Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl with Base.
Cast Iron Fire Pit with Rails
Cast Iron Fire Pit with Rails.


Option 7: (below)

Iron Wood Store Firepit 
Dimensions: 1500 Diam x 400 H  
Price $1,995 $1,895

Buy Grape Vine Design Chiminea Online now! 



Option 8: (below)

Cast Iron Bath Firepit
Dimensions: L910MM x W520MM X H400mm 
Price $1,400



Cast Iron Wood Store Fire Pits Australia.
Cast Iron Wood Store Fire Pit.
Cast Iron Bath Fire Pits Australia.
Cast Iron Bath Fire Pit.



Option 9:(below)

Angelina Firepit

2 Sizes - Thick 12mm Iron
850mm D -  Price $1,095 $1,075
1100mm D - Price $1,495 $1,450


 Buy Angelina Firepit Online now!

Option 10:(below)

Brad Pit Firepit

2 Sizes -  Thick 12mm Iron
 850mm D - Price $1,095 
1100mm D  - $1,495 $1,295

Buy Brad Pit Firepit Online now!

Angelina Fire Pit.
Angelina Fire Pit.
Brad Pitt Fire Pit.
Brad Pitt Fire Pit.




Option 11 - Old Indian "Kadai" (below)
Cast Iron Cooking Pot from India between 30 - 80 yrs old.  Each cast iron Kadai is different with it's is own unique rustic character. Size & availability of our cast iron Kadai cooking pots varies with each shipment. Sizes: 70cm - 150cm diameter. Prices range from $800 - $2,500 according to size.
Email Us for details of current stock.


Cast Iron Kudai
Cast Iron Kudai.


Option 12 - Rings Fire Pit and Base - (below)

AS SEEN ON THE BLOCK 2013- House 2

Fire Bowl Size : 78cm x H 30cm $495 $450 with stand

or 100cm x H 40cm 4850 with stand
Bowl Only 75cm x 15cm : $395 $350

Bowl Only 100cm x 20cm $595 $495

Can be used with wood, headbeads, charcoal or Bio Ethanol burners

Buy Rings Fire Pit and Base Online now!

Rings Fire Pit and Base
Rings Fire Pit and Base.

We Can Ship Your Fire Pit Nation Wide - Anywhere in Australia


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